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about 7 years ago

Prepare your Draft on ChallengePost

Hey GigHackers!

Hope you are enjoying your time and hacking hard! You still have a long night ahead...

We wanted to remind you that every team should start their early draft of their submission on the ChallengePost. Final submission needs to be entered before NOON tomorrow.

Your submission should include:

  • Brief description of your application/hack
  • Why ultra fast broadband will benefit your application/hack?
  • What are the benefits for the users?
  • Small video of the application/hack and/or screenshot

FROM NOON to 1PM, you will have to vote for your favourite hack on ChallengePost. The crowd's favourite will get to demo in front of the other 4 cities!

For the demo in front of our judges, you will have 5 mins with a hard stop.

Don't forget that we will have KC BBQ for lunch and let us know if you need anything!


-The GigHacks team